School of Digital Governance

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Digital Leadership Programs

ICT for Development Policy, Process and Governance

The module aims to:

1. Provide critical information about different aspects of national policies, strategies and legal instruments that promote the use of ICTD;

2. Discuss issues around developing and implementing ICTD policy; and

3. Demonstrate how governments can measure their progress in ICTD policymaking and benchmark that progress against that of other countries.

e-Government Applications

This module aims to:

1. Provide an overview of the key elements of e-government;

2. Describe and provide examples of types of e-government services; and

3. Discuss important success factors as well as barriers to achieving success in e-government services.

Information Security and Privacy

The module aims to:
1. Clarify the concept of information security, privacy and related concepts;

2. Describe threats to information security and how they can be addressed;

3. Discuss the requirements for the establishment and implementation of policy on information security, as well as the life cycle of information security policy; and

4. Provide an overview of standards of information security and privacy protection that are used by some countries and international information security organizations.